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Mushroom-Picking Couple Spends Week Lost in Siberian Forest

A married couple from Kemerovo, a city in western Siberia, spent a week lost in a forest after they went mushroom picking, the Interfax news agency reported Sunday, citing regional police.

The couple went missing on Aug. 29 and found their way out of the taiga only on Sept. 6, the report said. During that week, police officers, rescuers, volunteers and local residents had been searching for them, but they eventually managed to find their way out of the forest to a highway on their own.

"Apparently they had nothing to eat [while they were lost], so they are severely exhausted. But overall, according to medics, their condition is satisfactory. After a medical examination they will be taken home to Kemerovo," police spokespeople were cited by Interfax as saying Sunday.

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