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New 'Love Is' Gum in Russia's Dagestan Promotes Muslim Family Values

A cartoon reads, "Happiness in a family is... waking up together for tahajjud prayer" inside "Love is..." chewing gum.

A new version of the popular 1990s chewing gum Love Is has appeared in the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan featuring cartoons depicting ideal Muslim family values. According to the gum's creators, these values include respecting one's parents and elders, going on the Hajj as a family, praying together and fasting during Ramadan. The values are depicted in storylines involving two characters, Fuad and Samira.

The gum is not without its critics, however.

In post on social media, Renat Sadykov, who blogs for news outlet Kazan Online in the capital of the majority Muslim republic of Tatarstan, noted that the gum violates Islam's prohibition on the depiction of humans in art.

The gum is sold in predominately Muslim areas around Russia. It is also available in Moscow for 10 rubles per piece. 

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