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6 Vacation Rentals for a Russian Trip to Remember

Want to make your Russian holiday even more memorable? Avoid the hotels and try one of these unusual rooms for rent.

Little Britain in St. Petersburg 

If you are traveling from the UK and not quite ready to immerse yourself fully and immediately into Russian culture, "Penny Lane" will soften the culture shock. This small but very cosy hotel offers its guests walls plastered with photos and posters of the Beatles and a door painted to resemble one of London's famous red phone boxes, topped with an 'Abbey Road' plaque. The kitchen is filled with tartan prints, stacks of baked beans cans and, who knows, maybe the owners even have a hidden pot of Marmite? 

Following British hospitality traditions, the hotel is very clean, provides all the basic necessities (including tea and biscuits, of course) and makes an amazing deal for the price. How marvelous!

Where: St Petersburg
How much: 1,200 rubles per night
How many: 5 double rooms and 1 single room

Одноместный с душем! ТихийЦентрСПб in Sankt-Peterburg

Bed & Breakfast in Sankt-Peterburg, Russia. ==ОДНОМЕСТНЫЙ НОМЕР "The Beatles: Produced by Brian Epstein== Добро пожаловать в небольшой, но по-домашнему уютный, гостевой дом "Penny Lane"! Рады предложить гостям Санкт-Петербурга приятный одноместный номер с индивидуальным душем и туале... View all listings in Sankt-Peterburg

Moscow Attic Loft with Character 

Looking for something stunning in the center of Moscow? Hold your breath for this one. Located just minutes away from Red Square, this attic loft furnished with leather and wooden vintage pieces will make you feel like forgoing the clubs and spending every night at home. Rough plaster work, painted white and gold, combined with dark natural wood make this apartment look like it could have served as inspiration for Gustav Klimt. 

Location, character, comfort — this flat has it all. 

Where: Moscow
How much: 6,248 rubles ($109) per night
How many: Can sleep up to 3

LOFT MANSARDA in the MOSCOW heart in Moskva

Loft in Moskva, Russia. Our bright apartments is located in the very heart of the capital of Russia and is one of the best situated home in Moscow. Just a few minutes' walk from the iconic landmarks such as the Kremlin, Red Square and Saint Basil's Cathedral, our unusual ap View all listings in Moskva

Your Personal Birdbox in Marina Roscha 

Think you despise hostels? Get ready to change your mind. Here there is no need to pack your earplugs in case the stranger in the top bunk is snoring or to secret away a tiny book headlamp for late-night reads. This hostel, located minutes away from the Marina Roscha metro station in northern Moscow, has 10 single "birdboxes," as the owners call them, all with a single bed, outlets, a bedside table and a shelf. Each room can be locked from both the outside and the inside with an individual key and is fully isolated. 

Although you still have to share a kitchen and a bathroom, this is a much more comfortable stay than the typical hostel experience. 

Where: Moscow
How much: 1,000 rubles ($18) per night
How many: 10 individual rooms and 1 dorm room that sleeps 8

Одноместные домики. Смотрите фото)) in Moskva

Apartment in Moskva, Russia. Всего в хостеле 10 одноместных домиков, они запираются на ключ, внутри есть розетки, освещение, полочка, вешалки Есть домики с окном, есть без. Там где нет окна можно очень хорошо выспаться. Если Вы "Сова", то это идеальный вариант. Мы придумали... View all listings in Moskva

Enjoy Baikal from the Top 

For those travelers interested in seeing more of Russia than just Moscow and St. Petersburg, a trip to Siberia is usually at the top of the list. What better way to enjoy views of Lake Baikal and the surrounding mountains than a little wooden house on top of a hill? 

Located all by itself on Olkhon Island, this house makes a perfect spot for finding harmony with nature, going on an informational detox and embracing the very essence of Russia. 

Where: Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal
How much: 1,173 rubles ($20.50) per night (3 nights minimum stay)
How many: Can sleep up to 7

Experience Olkhon Island & Baikal in Irkutsk

Tent in Irkutsk, Russia. My wife and I offer this lovely small wooden house on top of the hill in Olkhon Island overlooking magnificient lake Baikal. Our B&B is called Philoxenia, which means Hospitality in Greek language and we try to make our guests feel just like at ho... View all listings in Irkutsk

Become Robinson Crusoe for a Weekend 

Whether you are an artistic soul in need of some inspiration or a workaholic suffocated by the city, this lonely house on a remote island in Karelia ticks all the boxes for those looking for voluntary solitary confinement. 

Although reminiscent of Daniel Defoe's famous tale of a lone explorer, this option is nevertheless much better equipped for a comfortable getaway. The hosts provide a fully furnished house with a sauna, a bungalow and a pier to fish from. 

Although the location is rather tricky to get to by yourself, a transfer in a minivan can be arranged from St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk. 

Where: Vyartsilya, Republic of Karelia
How much: 5,500 rubles ($96) per night
How many:  Can sleep up to 5

Дикая изба на лесном острове in Вяртсиля

House in Вяртсиля, Russia. Небольшой остров на озере Янисъярви на котором будете только Вы. В дали от цивилизации, а электричество от генератора, романтика! Для вас на острове: Дом на 5 человек с кухней, баня, туалет, бунгало, пирс а также грибы, ягоды и рыба! Проживание... View all listings in Вяртсиля

Go green with a straw house in Altai 

Located 550 km from the regional capital of Novosibirsk and 77 km from the nearest airport, Askat is a small village in the Altai mountains that offers this unique opportunity for Russian-style eco tourism: a stay in a house made of straw and clay. Far away from civilization, visitors can cook for themselves with products from local farmers' markets. Along with the advertised 3G Internet connection, the property also features an outdoor bathroom. 

It would certainly take longer than a days to fully explore the mesmerising surroundings here, which include mountains, lakes and springs. 

Where: Askat, Altai
How much: 800 rubles ($14) per night
How many: Sleeps up to 8

House in a village in the Altay in Askat

House in Askat, Russia. The house was built on a unique eco technology of straw and clay. Vegetarian meals available on request. Outdoor toilet, bathhouse. Askat is a small unique village in the Altai Mountains. 550 km from Novosibirsk, 77 km from Gorno-Altai. Chemalsky... View all listings in Askat

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