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Man Sets Himself on Fire in Russian Post Office

A man apparently pushed to the edge by a conflict with the authorities over the size of his pension committed suicide by self-immolation in the Russian city of Kaluga, the TASS news agency reported Tuesday.

The man, who was not identified by his name, lit himself on fire shortly after entering the post office Saturday, TASS reported, citing regional Investigative Committee official Vladimir Yefremenkov. Witnesses said that he committed the act silently, and did not yell out.

Though onlookers were able to subdue the flames, the man sustained burns over 90 percent of his body and died the next day.

The man had been in contact with the authorities recently over issues with calculating the size of his pension, TASS reported.

“He apparently just couldn't handle the pressure,” TASS cited Yefremenkov as saying.

“There's an article in the Criminal Code — 'Incitement to Commit Suicide' — so any culprits will face punishment,” the official added.

It was unclear why the man chose to end his life in the post office, as he reportedly did not receive his pension from there.

The man was born in 1954, TASS reported.

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