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Over 400 Sick in 'Yellow Water' Poisoning in Southern Russia

Over 400 people have fallen ill as a result of drinking contaminated tap water supplied to homes in Russia's North Ossetia republic, local officials said Wednesday.

“The total number of victims seeking medical help or identified during door-to-door patrols is about 450 people,” said a spokesman for the local government, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

Investigators said people fell ill after using yellow water that came out of taps in their apartment blocks. Most of those affected are suffering from vomiting and high temperatures.

A total of 222 people, mainly from the town of Alagir in North Ossetia, have been hospitalized as a result of the poisoning, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday, citing local health officials. Most of them reportedly live in the same apartment complex.

Russia's Investigative Committee launched a criminal case Tuesday into how the water became contaminated.

The city administration has warned residents not to drink tap water until the source of the mass poisoning is identified.

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