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Russian Teen Dies While Joyriding on Roof of Electric Train

A teenager was electrocuted while riding on the roof of a train in Moscow.

A Russian teenager was electrocuted while riding on the roof of a train in northern Moscow, a news report said Monday.

The teen's body was discovered as the electric commuter train pulled into the Severyanin station on the line from Fryazino to Moscow, a spokesman for the transport police department of the Central Federal District told Interfax.

"The preliminary cause of death was an electric shock from the overhead line" the spokesman was cited as saying in the report, without addressing why the teenager was riding on the train's roof.

Last April, a young thrill-seeker died after falling onto the tracks of the Moscow metro while assumedly trying to ride on the roof of a rail car, a police spokesman said at the time.

Police officers are currently trying to establish the identity of the teen who died in northern Moscow, the transport police spokesman told Interfax.

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