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Moscow Expected to See Temperatures of 30C This Week

After a somewhat cool and wet second half of May, summer has well and truly arrived in Moscow with temperatures expected to hit 30 degrees Celsius by the end of the week, a news report said Monday.

In the first half of the week, temperatures will hover at a fairly comfortable 18-23 C during the daytime, dropping to about 6-11 C at night, the RIA Novosti news agency cited the Fobos weather service as saying.

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As the weekend draws closer, temperatures will creep up to about 25 C on Friday, reaching highs of between 23-28 C on Saturday and between 26-31 C on Sunday, Fobos added in the report.

The forecasters also predicted that Moscow will see sunny weather all week with a slight chance of light showers on Thursday or Friday, RIA reported.

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