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Bomb Explodes Outside Candy Store Owned by Ukraine's Poroshenko

KIEV — A bomb exploded outside a candy store in Kiev that is owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's Roshen chain, police said Friday.

"The explosion made a hole with a diameter of 0.6 meters in the wall of the shop. It has damaged shelves and some of the goods," the police said in a statement, adding that the incident happened at around midnight on Thursday.

There was no comment from the company, which operates confectionery factories in Ukraine as well as in Russia, Hungary and Lithuania.

The Roshen chain of stores expanded after Poroshenko, popularly known as the "chocolate king," was elected president in 2014. Earlier this year, windows were broken at some of Roshen's outlets by unidentified attackers.

Poroshenko promised to sell off his confectionery business after his election, but this year he said unfavorable market conditions made that difficult.

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