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Man Stopped From Flying to Moscow With Highly Radioactive Clock

Vintage or dangerous? According to the Vietnamese man, he had bought the clock at a local market in Kiev.

A Vietnamese man has been stopped after trying to fly from Kiev to Moscow with a radioactive clock, the Ukrainian Border Guard Service said Monday.

The clock, discovered as the man was passing through security at Boryspil Airport, was found to be emitting radiation of 2.5 milliSieverts per hour (mSv/h), the country's border guard service said in an online statement.

The average dose of radiation per year is 6.2 mSv and exposure to 50 mSv is enough to cause a change in blood chemistry, according to data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Vietnamese man said he had bought the table clock at a local market, according to the report, which noted the model had been produced in 1984.

Ukraine's Interior Ministry has been made aware of the issue, the statement added.

Depending on the level of exposure, symptoms from radiation poisoning can include tiredness, nausea and increased risk of cancer.

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