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Iconic Russian Film 'Brother 2' Banned in Ukraine

"Brother 2" poster

Ukraine's state cinema agency has banned three Russian films from being screened in the country, including the popular "Brother 2," which was filmed 15 years ago.

"Brother 2," directed by Alexei Balabanov, tells the tale of two Russian brothers who wind up in America after getting mixed up with gangsters. The older brother forms a gang of thugs in Chicago made up of Ukrainians.

"The film is banned for screenings and television broadcasts, as well as public commercial showings and home videos throughout all of Ukraine, because it contains scenes that are humiliating for Ukrainians and would be incorrect to show this film while there is aggression in the east of the country," a statement from the state film board said Wednesday.

The two other films now prohibited in Ukraine are "From the Life of Captain Chernyaev" and "Web 8." Both focus on the lives of people working for the security services.

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