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Russian Teacher Sues Colleague for Divulging Her Toilet Habits

A Russian teacher is suing a colleague for criticizing her for failing to flush a toilet in the faculty bathroom, a news report said.

The plaintiff in the case under review at a court in the northern town of Petrozavodsk claims that she felt insulted when a colleague complained about her toilet habits to the school's administration, Guberniya Daily news portal reported Thursday.

The commotion at a local public school began when a teacher walked into the sole faculty bathroom to rinse a teacup and saw her colleague emerge from a stall, leaving behind what the report described as "not the smell of French perfume."

The teacher whose olfactory sensibility was affected was too embarrassed to confront the careless colleague, but complained to a deputy principal, who had a talk with the alleged offender, Guberniya Daily reported.

Not to be outdone, the accused brought her own complaints to the principal, who responded by calling a faculty meeting to look into the issue, according to the report.

The teacher whose toilet practices came under scrutiny then filed a lawsuit against her colleague, asking the court to defend her "honor and dignity," which she said were offended by the public interest in the "intimate" details of her life, Guberniya Daily reported.

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