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Drunk Off-Duty Cop Hits Pedestrian in St. Petersburg

An intoxicated off-duty police officer struck and killed a pedestrian late Saturday night in the midst of a car chase with his fellow officers, Interfax reported Sunday.

The suspect, who was driving a Toyota Camry, "failed to respond to police officers' demands to stop, and after increasing his speed, he tried to flee. … The given vehicle then struck a pedestrian at the crosswalk, a 27-year-old St. Petersburg resident, who died on the spot from his injuries," Interfax cited the city's police department as saying.

The police officers later managed to stop the Toyota Camry, which was found to be driven by a man "with signs of alcohol intoxication" who was later identified as another policeman.

A probe into the incident has been launched, on the basis of which the suspect will be fired and punished in accordance with the law, Interfax cited the city's police as saying. His superiors also face disciplinary action for the accident.

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