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Moscow Police Detain More Than 800 in Illegal-Immigration Raid

Moscow police have detained 812 migrants as part of an illegal-immigration raid, according to a statement on the Interior Ministry's website.

Numerous raids and inspections were carried out as part of an operation dubbed "Migrant-2014" and conducted over several days to crack down on the capital's suspected millions of illegal immigrants.

"Police checked 763 buildings located in the capital's southern districts, including 14 hotels and dormitories, 49 parking facilities and garages, 21 bars and restaurants, five industrial zones, as well as nine construction sites. Officers also checked 463 apartments and private residences, 91 attics and 54 basements," according to the police statement, which was published on Wednesday.

As a result of the raid, 73 individuals have been deported and six people have been named as suspects in criminal cases, the details of which were not disclosed in the statement.

On Sunday, Moscow police announced that they had checked more than 14,000 foreign citizens for migration violations over the course of four days as part of the operation.

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