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Khabarovsk Introduces Emergency Regime Over Influx of Ukrainian Refugees

The governor of the far eastern Khabarovsk region has declared an emergency situation in response to an influx of almost 1,400 Ukrainians fleeing the civil war in the east of their country.

The order, signed by Governor Vyacheslav Shport, will allow the region to tap into reserve funds to help accommodate the new arrivals, his office said Monday in an online statement.

The order also "recommends" that local agencies mobilize their resources to help resettle, Ukrainian citizens and also puts emergency services on heightened alert, the statement said.

So far, 10 temporary shelters have been opened in Khabarovsk, housing 444 out of the 1,339 Ukrainians who have arrived to the eastern region in the wake of the conflict, the statement said.

Khabarovsk employers have also created 480 new jobs for Ukrainian citizens that include housing as part of the compensation package, the statement said.

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