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Women Find Jars With Human Fetuses

Local police said the embryos were presumably used to train medics, and were then recklessly discarded.

A casual stroll resulted in two women getting the shock of their lives in northern Russia after they stumbled upon five jars containing human embryos in the city of Solikamsk.

"We looked, and there's a baby's head with its eyes open," one of the women was cited Wednesday as saying by regional news site

"I have two kids and am against abortion — I won't be able to sleep for days," the unnamed woman said. "And imagine how my companion feels, with her raising a disabled child and all."

Local police said the embryos were presumably used to train medics and were then recklessly discarded at a local dump, Interfax news agency reported Thursday.

"None of the babies were killed," a police spokesman was cited as saying.

In a gruesome follow-up to the incident, some of the jars reportedly went missing while the women were waiting for police to arrive, said.

No potential culprits were identified. The report said the dump is located close to a children's playground, though it was not clear what link there could be between that fact and the mystery disappearance.

Police said they were looking into the incident.

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