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Nurse Detained on Suspicion of Killing Elderly Veteran With Cleaver

A home-care nurse in Moscow has been detained on suspicion of killing one of her patients, an 86-year-old female veteran of World War II, Rossia 24 channel reported Wednesday.

The crime came to light early last month, when the victim's neighbors contacted the police to say she had not been seen for several days and that there was a smell of gas coming from her apartment, Rossia 24 reported, citing the police press service.

When police arrived, they discovered the victim's body with multiple stab wounds, the report said.

Police have now detained a 34-year-old home-care nurse who had been tending to the victim for 9 years. Investigators believe the suspect killed the victim with a cleaver and then stole her savings, Rossia 24 reported.

The killer turned on the gas at the stove and left the lights on in an apparent attempt to conceal the crime, but no explosion ensued, Rossia 24 reported.

The suspect faces up to life imprisonment if found guilty of murder.

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