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WWF Warns Russians on Above-Average Use of Natural Resources

According to the WWF, humanity consumed as many natural resources between the beginning of the year and Aug. 19 as are generated by the planet in an entire year.

If the average human lived the lifestyle of a Russian, humanity would need 2 1/2 planets to sustain itself instead of one, the World Wildlife Fund and international think tank Global Footprint Network said Tuesday, Interfax reported.

According to the WWF, humanity consumed as many natural resources between the beginning of the year and Aug. 19 as are generated by the planet in an entire year. Last year, that benchmark was passed one day later, meaning mankind's consumption of natural resources is still accelerating.

Interfax cited Pavel Boyev, WWF Russia's Green Economy program coordinator, as saying that Russia's ecology is unique.

"While it [Russia] has a relatively big population, it is still increasing its biological resources. If it can preserve this advantage, the economic standing of the country in a situation in which resources and ecosystem services are scarce could become more beneficial than ever before," he said.

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