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Dog Trapped Underground After Being Buried Alive in Volgograd

Municipal workers have buried a live dog in an underground piping system.

Municipal workers in Volgograd have accidentally buried a live dog in an underground piping system, leaving local residents at a loss for how to save the scared animal, local news agency V1 reported Wednesday.

The dog is believed to have wandered into an underground heating system, which had been exposed while workers carried out maintenance work but was later covered, trapping the dog.

Residents were alerted to the dog's presence after its anxious howls began echoing from the pipes each night, the report said, adding the animal had been trapped underground for five days.

Neighbors have been providing the petrified pup with food and water through a manhole.

Animal-rights campaigners are now puzzling over how best to save the dog, as any attempt to dig up the pipes would first require permission from the municipal authorities.

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