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Contentious 'Happy Birthday Obama' Banner Unfurled Near U.S. Embassy

“I don't see … I don't hear … I don't speak the truth to anybody,” the poster read, depicting the U.S. leader with exaggerated features.

U.S. President Barack Obama received a disparaging birthday greeting Monday from a group of students who climbed to the roof of a building opposite the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, from which they unfurled a massive banner mocking the U.S. president.

"I don't see … I don't hear … I don't speak the truth to anybody," the poster read, depicting the U.S. leader with exaggerated features, including oversized ears and a pointy chin. He was seen covering his eyes, ears, and mouth over the three respective captions.

The poster, apparently a play on the popular proverb "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," was meant to draw attention to what the students who created it saw as the U.S. government's hypocritical handling of the situation in Ukraine, according to state-run channel RT.

Photos of the poster and a brief video of its unveiling went viral Monday on Twitter.

Similar posters were removed in Perm last month after both a local prosecutor and the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service launched an inspection into them. Those posters likened Obama to animals, including a sheep and a monkey, and urged the U.S. leader to "get out of Ukraine."

In the aftermath of Monday's stunt, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow initially tweeted that the photo of the poster had been fake, but that tweet was quickly deleted. A phone call to the U.S. Embassy's press service on Monday went unanswered.

It was unclear how long the poster remained on display before being taken down.

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