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Butt Photo Craze Spreads on Russian Facebook

Hundreds of such candid photos have been posted on the popular social network Vkontakte.

How would you feel if a candid photograph of your butt wound up on Russia's largest social network for all to see?

That is the situation a number of Russian women have found themselves in after droves of men began posting pictures and videos of female bottoms on social network groups dedicated to a new craze being called "Oversee."

"We know what's underneath your girlfriend's clothes," reads a caption on one Oversee group's page on the popular social network Vkontakte, a Russian-founded site akin to Facebook. The group had more than 160,000 followers as of Thursday.

Photos adorning the group's page show an array of different bottoms in everyday life — a girl bending over to pick something up, another girl playing basketball, and plenty of women lying in their bikinis on beaches.

While most of the photos were purportedly taken without their subjects' knowledge and permission, some of them appear to be more staged, with one girl posing provocatively by the sea in a photograph entitled "Crimea is ours."

The Oversee movement has spawned several regional offshoots, with the creators of the Yekaterinburg branch writing on their page: "We hunt for beautiful girls. Habitat: gyms, schools and universities, shopping malls and the streets of your cities."

While some photographs are much raunchier than others — there are plenty of G-strings on show across the different groups — others capture everyday occurrences, such as women riding up metro escalators or pushing a stroller along the street.

However, it seems some women are planning to get revenge with a rival group titled Oversee Man appearing online in May.

It may be some time before it reaches the heights of the female version, though. The group currently only has three followers.

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