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Russian Defense Ministry Reveals New Military Symbol

A graphic showing the Defense Ministry's new logo

Russia's military forces now stand united under the newly adopted symbol of a red, white and blue five-pointed star, the Defense Ministry announced on Thursday.

The symbol emphasizes "stability, support and dignity," as the five-pointed star is "strongly associated with the traditions and the victories of the Russian army," according to a news release issued by the ministry.

The new symbol, which was chosen by the Defense Ministry's design bureau, could be seen on military equipment that was paraded through Red Square on Victory Day in May. The design will also become the official logo of Zvezda television, which is affiliated with the Defense Ministry.

But, one Russian Facebook user commented on the facebook page that it reminded her of Captain America, and another simply said “americanism 200 percent.”

The Russian military, plans to show that the new logo will work just fine by holding a spectacular presentation ceremony at a military base in the town of Albino, outside Moscow, on Saturday. According to the Defense Ministry, a 20 meter stage will be erected for performances by several well-known Russian artists and youth-groups and videos showing the new symbol in use across the Russian military.

Additionally, T-72 main battle tanks will parade around the fairground, donning their new logo proudly, while airborn paratroopers will drop in to reinforce the presentation. To top it all off, the ceremony will be buzzed by a wing of Su-25 fighter aircraft from the Russian Knights – Moscow's answer to the U.S. Blue Angels aerial acrobatic squadron.

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