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Jealous Man Locks Ex-Girlfriend in Coffin For Flirting

Flirting with a client landed a funeral parlor employee in Russia's republic of Udmurtia in a coffin, into which she was forced by a jealous ex-boyfriend, local prosecutors reported Tuesday.

The Izhevsk resident stormed the parlor and assaulted the woman with a knife, a drill and a screwdriver, regional prosecutors said on their website.

He then forced her into one of the firm's coffins, the report said, without providing any names.

The man stayed at the empty office until he was discovered by the victim's colleague, who notified the police.

Officers called his parents, who helped talk him into releasing the woman.

Prosecutors did not elaborate on the physical or psychological condition of the victim, who spent three hours in the coffin.

But they said the court placed him in pre-trial detention, ruling out further jealousy-motivated assaults.

The man faces up to two years in prison on charges of false imprisonment over the incident, which took place Saturday but was not reported earlier.

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