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Moscow Branding Agency Drops 'Vodka Bomb'

A photo on the branding agency's website shows a secure-looking suitcase complete with two shot-glasses, designed to look like a bomb detonator.

Moscow-based branding agency STUDIOIN has come up with a striking new design concept: Democracy vodka, sold in missile-shaped bottles.

The bottle comes packed in a secure-looking suitcase complete with two shot-glasses, each of which features a "start" sign printed on its base, in reference to a bomb detonator.

The bottles are available in orange and pink, in a reference to the "color revolutions" in Ukraine in 2004 and Kyrgyzstan in 2005.

STUDIOIN, which specializes in alcohol branding, says it started work on the idea in August 2013, though the concept has become increasingly relevant given recent events in Ukraine.

"No revolution — whether it is pink, orange or brown — no great victory is worth a human life, laid down for the sake of political struggle," the agency said in a statement on its website.

In February, more than 80 people died amid one such struggle between anti-government protesters and police in Kiev. The subsequent ousting of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych led to the installation of an interim pro-Western government that Moscow has refused to recognize.

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