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Residential Complex Planned for Beer Factory

Moscow's urban planning and land use commission has decided to build a 150,000-square-meter multi-purpose residential complex on the territory of the Badayevsky brewery, a spokesman for investment group Absolute told Vedomosti. An unidentified official confirmed that use of the central-western Moscow property had been decided.

Plans for the 10 hectare space had earlier included building 480,000 square meters of residential and office real estate, though the idea was scrapped in 2012 due to concerns about the proposal's effect on Moscow's traffic situation and the fact that the area only has one road entrance.

The land commission also recently decided to let Rosneft build a 200,000-square-meter headquarters on 5 hectares of property located partially on the brewery's territory and partially on land belonging to the former Sacco and Vanzetti pencil factory.

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