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MKAD Exits Now Labeled Using Kilometer Numbers

The Moscow Ring Road Vedomosti / D. Abramov

The Moscow Ring Road, or MKAD, will now have a new naming system for its interchanges based on the distance around the beltway.

Interchange ramp "0" will be located in eastern Moscow at Shosse Entuziastov and the numbering system will continue clockwise around the road though the "105 km" exit, RIA Novosti reported. Even numbers will mark exits going towards the center of Moscow, while exits for roads heading out into the Moscow region will be labeled with odd numbers

Moscow's transportation department had previously conducted a survey on its website about possible exit labeling formats and the system of numbering based on kilometers won with 38 percent of the vote.

Other options considered included numbering the interchanges as on the face of a clock and using the streets' names.

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