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Inmates Slice Own Forearms in Siberian Prison Protest

Three inmates at a Siberian prison have lacerated their forearms in a show of support for five of their fellow convicts who had been put in solitary confinement for resisting guards' orders.

The incident took place on Monday during breakfast at Penal Colony No. 19 in Markova, Irkutsk region, Interfax reported Tuesday.

The inmates who mutilated themselves did not ask for medical attention, regional prison officials said, adding that the incident didn't boil over into mass protests or rioting.

"Breakfast, dinner, supper and the evening roll call at the facility were conducted in accordance with the internal regulations, the situation at the colony remains stable and under control," the report said.

Prison authorities are investigating the possible use of force against the five convicts by guards and a report has been submitted to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee.

In a similar incident in June, 39 inmates, also at a Siberian prison, cut their forearms to protest harsh internal regulations.

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