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With Sunny Weather, No Need to Chase Away Rain for Victory Day

After a weekend of heavy rainfall, Moscow authorities can save themselves $1 million and not deploy planes to disperse clouds for Victory Day celebrations this week, weather forecasters said Monday.

Bright and sunny weather is expected for the week, starting with temperatures of 12-14 degrees Celsius on Monday and rising to 25 C by Saturday, Interfax reported, citing the federal weather service.

No rain is forecast for the week.

On the May 9 holiday, the weather is expected to be sunny and warm with temperatures of around 20 C, the weather service said, adding that the dispersal of clouds during the holiday would not be required.

Last week City Hall announced that almost 40 million rubles ($1.2 million) would be spent to ensure city residents enjoyed a rain-free Victory Day.

The technique of cloud dispersal, or cloud seeding, dates back to the Soviet era. The military send up planes to spray the sky with chemicals aimed at vaporizing rain clouds.The substances used can include silver iodide, dry ice and cement powder.

The holidays that the city wants to provide good weather for are Victory Day, which marks the 68th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, and Russia Day on June 12. Both are celebrated with mass outdoor gatherings.

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