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Cabinet's Success Rate at 73%

The Cabinet on Monday said it had fulfilled 73 percent of the orders that President Vladimir Putin gave on the day of his inauguration in May.

Putin has closely watched how Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet carried out his commands, and three ministers received rebukes over delays. Putin is holding a meeting next Tuesday to review the progress.

The Kremlin marked 88 orders as fulfilled and is reviewing reports on the completion of 22 more orders, the Cabinet said in a statement on its website.

Together, these 110 orders account for 73 percent of all 151 orders that were to be fulfilled this and last year.

Putin signed the orders May 7. It was not immediately clear from the Monday statement if all the 151 orders had deadlines before May 7 this year, or if some of them could be completed later this year.

Vedomosti reported Monday that the deadline for completion of 133 orders would elapse before May 7.

In fulfilling the orders, the Cabinet developed various legislation and federal programs, such as the law that restricts tobacco smoking. The government also raised salaries to military personnel and introduced subsidies for utility bills paid by some single pensioners.

Deadlines for some of the orders had to be moved back. Among other things, the orders required the creation of a market for affordable rental properties and allocation of parcels of land to families that have three or more children.

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