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Moscow's Crazy Roads: SUV Flips Over in Intersection Collision

Editor's note: This video is part of a series. The Moscow Times will publish a selection of unusual incidents on roads in Moscow and the Moscow region in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more video clips.

A sport-utility vehicle running a red light was upended by another SUV turning left across an intersection on a Moscow region road late last month.

In video footage of the Aug. 30 incident shot on the dashboard of a nearby car, a black SUV zooms past a red light and, when another black SUV approaches the first car while turning left, attempts to swerve to avoid a collision.

But the SUV turning left, apparently not having seen the other car, slams into it, flipping it over and onto its side. It was not immediately clear whether anyone was injured in the collision.

The driver of the car with the camera shooting the incident quickly approaches the driver of the SUV that had been turning — the one that apparently had not been at fault — and tells him that he recorded the entire sequence and would provide him the footage. Video of accidents can be given by drivers to traffic police as evidence that they committed no wrongdoing.

Moscow's Crazy Roads:

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