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14 Russians Killed in Ukraine Bus Crash

A passenger bus carrying 43 people on a trip to a Ukrainian monastery crashed, killing 14.

A bus crash in Ukraine over the weekend killed 14 Russian citizens, prompting Russian authorities to send two planes to evacuate survivors Sunday.

The group of 43 people from the Pskov region was on a trip to the Pochayiv Lavra monastery in Ukraine when the driver lost control of the bus, swerving into a ditch Saturday, RIA-Novosti reported.

The crash left at least 14 dead, and three passengers remain in Ukraine hospitals with injuries too serious to risk transportation.

The first plane sent by Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry picked up 14 people with serious injuries, while a second brought back 11 with lesser degrees of injury as well as the bodies of those who perished in the accident.

One passenger has also remained in Ukraine in connection with the investigation of the crash, which is currently ongoing.

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