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Saakashvili Says Russia Wants to Return to USSR

In a speech Monday Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili accused Russia of wanting to return to the Soviet Union following the re-election of Vladimir Putin, Voice of America reported.

"Under their current government, they [Russia] do not have a future, they are building the past...not only have they reintroduced the Soviet national anthem, not only are they trying to recreate a Soviet empire...they are actively returning the country to the past," he said in a press conference in East Georgia.

Saakashvili also criticized Russia for failing to respond to his gesture on March 1 to allow Russians to enter Georgia without a visa, an attempt to restore relations following the war between the two countries in 2008.

"They [in Moscow] stated that they don't have any problems with Georgian people. 'Good,' we said and canceled the need for Russian citizens to obtain visas, gave them a chance to behave correctly and do something for Georgians. In response, they changed their minds and went back to singing the previous tune," he lamented.

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