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Abandoned Newborn Survives Hour in -20 C Weather

A one-day-old child was left on the ground outside a Moscow apartment building despite a temperature of minus 20 C, before being found and picked up by a passerby, Life News reported.

A closed-circuit camera captured images of a woman placing the child on the ground at 6:15 a.m. on Tuesday. Only an hour later did a passing kindergarten teacher discover the crying baby girl, whom the teacher picked up and took to her school.

The camera footage shows people parking nearby and walking past the child during the hour she lay on the ground, Life News reported.

The teacher who discovered the child called the police and an ambulance. Doctors who examined the girl said she was in good health and had been born less than 24 hours before.

Police are searching for the woman who abandoned the child.

Moscow has been experiencing bitter cold temperatures of late, with a low of minus 23 C on Wednesday. Twenty-four people froze to death in Moscow's streets between November and late January, head of City Hall's social protection department Vladimir Petrosyan said last week.

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