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Pskov Mayor Quits Over Duma Vote

Pskov Mayor Ivan Tsetsersky has tendered his resignation after the ruling United Russia party scored dismal results in the city in the State Duma elections, local newspaper Pskovskaya Pravda reported Monday.

Tsetsersky took the decision after consulting with regional governor Andrei Turchak, the report said. The move has to be approved by the city legislature, which is to vote on the matter next week.

United Russia garnered 28.2 percent of the vote in Pskov in the Dec. 4 elections, far below the national average of 49.3 percent. The Communist Party won the vote in three out of the city's six districts.

Tsetsersky was appointed Pskov mayor in 2009, before which he served 10 years as a deputy in the city legislature. His resignation follows a similar move by Volodga Governor Vyacheslav Pozgalev and the mayors of Ulyanovsk and Aktyubinsk, all of whom quit after United Russia underperformed in their respective domains.

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