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Go Green With Seasons at Flakon Design Festival

Get back to nature this weekend at the Flakon Design Factory, where Seasons magazine will host its annual design festival.

The festival, which runs Saturday and Sunday, is highlighting eco-friendly activities and products.

"At first people lived in villages and then began to live in cities — now they live online," said Olda Sergeyeva, the magazine's editor-in-chief and publisher. "It is unlikely that our children will return to villages, but we can teach them to appreciate nature before we forget."

The magazine has teamed up with the imaginative architects behind the Gorod project who create a series of clever buildings at their own festival inspired by themes such as water, childhood and shamanism. This time their aim is to create something green.

Visitors can see how to build flowerbeds for the city environment, and Latvian designers will show off their wares such as clothes made from flax and furniture used with traditional techniques.

A gastronomic market, a garden school for kids, live classical music and a design market with 50 participants are some of the other highlights of the festival.

Volkswagen, the sponsor, will be showing people how to drive in an eco-friendly way — which is apparently not driving at all.

The festival runs Saturday and Sunday at the Flakon Design Factory. 36 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa. Metro Dmitrovskaya. Tel. 646-7828,

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