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Redhead Spy Anna Chapman in From Cold, Out on Web

Russian spy Anna Chapman is in from the cold and out on the Internet with an official web site featuring photos, news and an upbeat message urging Russians to smile and be self-reliant.

The site is the latest venture from Chapman, who has made a media splash since her deportation from the United States in a Cold War-style spy swap last July.

She has posed in slinky lingerie for photographs with the Kremlin as a backdrop, started a weekly television show, trademarked her name and taken a position with the youth wing of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's ruling party.

The main page of the redhead's site features a Soviet-style red star and a close-up of Chapman cradling her face in hands adorned with bright red nail polish.

It includes links to the television show she began hosting in January on Russia's Ren-TV, "Mysteries of the World," and a charity she has created to help children with sight problems.

Lower down is a series of photographs of Chapman, the first one showing her standing, hips shot, in a curve-hugging green outfit.

The site makes no mention of recent rumors that she may take her political career one step ahead by running for the State Duma in December.

Beneath the red star, Chapman's name is in English, but the site as a whole — as Chapman wrote in a Twitter message posted on Thursday — is "only in Russian so far."

Chapman was one of 10 Russian agents who were arrested in the United States last summer and deported in exchange for four Russians imprisoned on charges of spying for the West.

The spies received a warm welcome in Russia, where ex-KGB officer Putin sang patriotic songs with them and President Dmitry Medvedev bestowed them with state honors.

"I consider the day of my return to be my second birthday," Chapman says in the message on her site's main page.

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