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Ad Market Could Grow 26%

The advertising market could grow by 20 to 26 percent this year, according to material presented by the Association of Russian Communication Agencies at the Vedomosti MediaBusiness conference Thursday.

According to the association, the market grew 16 percent last year to 250 billion rubles ($8.83 billion). The experts estimated that television advertising could grow 23 to 28 percent this year to 161.4 billion to 167.5 billion rubles.

Print advertising could show growth this year of 8 to 12 percent to 48.4 billion to 50.2 billion rubles this year. Radio advertising could be worth 12.9 billion to 13.6 billion rubles, up 10 to 15 percent. The market for Internet advertising will increase 33 to 43 percent to 35.6 million to 38.2 billion rubles.


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