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Whistleblower 'Attacked'

Police were checking reports that an ex-cop-turned-whistleblower was assaulted on a trip between the southern cities of Anapa and Novorossiisk, but said they doubted the story, Interfax reported Wednesday.

Supporters of Alexei Dymovsky wrote on their blog that Dymovsky received a head trauma on Tuesday. No details of the incident were provided, but the report claimed that the attack was not a robbery.

But Dymovsky only reported to police losing his cell phone, Novorossiisk police said, adding that the driver of a minibus taxi he was riding in said that he was possibly drunk and injured his head after falling off his seat when sleeping.

Dymovsky made headlines in 2009, when he posted a YouTube appeal to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, accusing Novorossiisk police of abuse and corruption. 


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