Female Rock Group Invades Christ the Savior Cathedral

Members of the all-female rock band Pussy Riot gave an impromptu performance Tuesday complete with swear words near the altar inside Moscow's largest church.

The group performed inside Christ the Savior Cathedral wearing brightly colored clothes and masks covering their heads and faces, singing a song called "Holy Sh*t," Gazeta.ru reported.

The performance lasted less than five minutes, and afterwards the rockers fled the scene, blogger Alexander Kashin told the news site. "As soon as they started to perform, guards came from all sides, starting to grab them and trying to chase them out by yelling at them, Kashin said.

Kashin uploaded a picture of the performance to his Twitter blog.

Leader of youth movement "Orthodox Body" Boris Yakemenko told Izvestiya that the group is just trying to attract attention to itself.

"Any filth is always more visible against a clean background. If they had done this in a brothel, nobody would have noticed. It is for people like this that churches are needed," Yakemenko said.

The group Pussy riot gained notoriety by staging a similar impromptu concert on Red Square with a song ridiculing Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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