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Bullet Ricochets Off Businessman's Gold Chain in Failed Murder Attempt

Wikimedia CommonsThe attacker was waiting for his target in an elevator.

A businessman in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk survived an attack early Wednesday in which an assailant fired two shots at him from point blank range.

The shooting occurred as the 33-year-old target was waiting for the elevator in the entrance hall of his apartment building in the city's Oktyabrsky district overnight Tuesday to Wednesday, according to a statement by local investigators.

When the doors of the elevator opened, the attacker came out and fired two shots at the businessman, one of which bounced off a gold chain he had around his neck and the other of which went into his chest.

The wounded victim fought back and managed to apprehend his attacker, the statement said.

The businessman was treated by doctors but did not require hospitalization, while his assailant was sent to a local hospital, where he was held under police guard, a spokesman for Krasnoyarsk investigators told Interfax.

A criminal case with a charge of attempted murder has been opened in connection with the attack.

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