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Ban Under 18s From Gaga Show

For MTPop star Lady Gaga is set to take her tour to Olympiisky this December.

The St. Petersburg lawmaker who authored a controversial anti-gay bill in St. Petersburg has called for the upcoming Lady Gaga concerts in Russia to be limited to those 18 and over in his second confrontation with an American female pop star this year.

"I want to make sure that the organizers get an official warning that it is forbidden for people under the age of 18 to be at this concert," said United Russia's Vitaly Milonov, Interfax reported Tuesday.

Milonov said that when football hooligans came to the city, the state kept an eye on them, adding that Gaga was a 'business bully.'

"Normal people wouldn't go to this concert. It would be better to watch something striving for perfection, than deviations," the deputy said.

Lady Gaga announced that she would bring her world tour to St. Petersburg and Moscow earlier this week.

The singer will perform at St. Petersburg's Sports and Concert Complex on Dec. 9 and Moscow's Olympiisky Sports Complex on Dec. 12 as a part of her "Born This Way Ball" world tour. Tickets are due to go on sale Aug. 31.

Milonov previously clashed with Madonna over her Aug. 9 concert, saying she broke the law against promoting homosexuality when she expressed support for  the gay community.

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