Video Interview With Murdered Lawyer of Russian Citizen Airs on Ukrainian Television

Associated Press Television via APYuri Grabovsky

A video interview with Yury Grabovsky, the murdered former lawyer of Russian citizen Alexander Alexandrov, was made public in a briefing given Tuesday by Ukraine's Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, the RBC news website reported.

In the interview, which aired on the 112 Ukraine television channel, the lawyer pledged to terminate his provision of legal aid for Alexander Alexandrov, whose trial has since been postponed. He went on to say that he thought it was no longer possible to protect his client, but did not give greater detail.

Grabovsky was the lawyer assigned to Alexander Alexandrov, an alleged Russian military intelligence officer accused by Ukraine of illegally crossing the border, illegal possession of weapons and involvement in a terrorist organization.

The video interview was brief, featured only Grabovsky, whose phone it was filmed on and lasted around 30 seconds.

Matios said that the video had been retrieved from a Cloud service account registered to one of the suspected killers of the lawyer. He said that the video was filmed recently and that it is of great importance for prosecutors investigating the murder.

The bruised body of the lawyer was found in a forest located 27 kilometers from the village of Zhashkov in Ukraine with explosives tied to his leg. The investigation into his death is ongoing.

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