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Kadyrov Invites All His Instagram Critics to Chechnya for Discussion

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has offered an all-expense paid trip to Chechnya for members of the Instagram photo-sharing service who dislike his government, he announced Thursday.

"I issued an order to gather those Instagram users who relate negatively to the politics and actions of the Chechen government, and not only from Chechnya, but from all of Russia and from abroad. We will hold a discussion with them," Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram page.

Kadyrov also offered to pay all travel expenses for visitors, as well as housing for the duration of their visit.

The announcement comes immediately after Kadyrov expressed disappointment in a meeting held earlier Thursday with other Internet users.

He said all the questions posed at that meeting were "superficial," and that many of those taking part in the discussion didn't even understand the issues at hand.

"I want everyone to watch this meeting on television and draw the following conclusion: You need to learn to think before you voice a problem," he said, "to find its roots, analyze it, compare the various ways out of the situation."

"All these questions were redundant, senseless or baseless."

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