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Russian Jailed for Spying in Denmark

Francis Joseph Dean / Imago / TASS

A Danish court on Monday sentenced a Russian man to three years in prison followed by expulsion from Denmark with no possibility of return, after he was found guilty of espionage.

The 36-year-old Denmark resident, whose name was not made public, was arrested in July 2020 but his case only came to light in December.

At the end of the closed trial, the Aalborg court said he had "gathered information over several years from the Technical University of Denmark and from a business in the northwest of the country, and transmitted this information to a Russian intelligence service in exchange for payment."

SerEnergy, a Danish company specializing in fuel cells, confirmed having employed the accused and the court described him as particularly interested in "energy technology."

Moscow called the trial a "witch hunt" and an example of "anti-Russia hysteria," describing the man in question as "a Russian expert in Denmark."

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