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Russia Sets New Daily Coronavirus Record With Over 15K Cases

Friday marked the first time that Russia has confirmed more than 15,000 Covid-19 infections in a single day.  Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS

Russia confirmed 15,150 cases of the novel coronavirus Friday, a new daily record since the start of the pandemic as authorities grapple with the onset of a second wave.

This is the first time that Russia has confirmed more than 15,000 Covid-19 infections in a single day. 

Friday's increase pushed the overall number of Covid-19 cases in Russia to 1,369,313, the fourth-highest in the world.

Russia’s coronavirus information center confirmed 232 deaths from Covid-19 Friday, slightly fewer than Thursday’s record high of 286 deaths.

Russia’s official death toll based on daily records stands at 23,723. The federal statistics agency that publishes monthly data says the real number of fatalities is at least double that figure.

Moscow, the epicenter of Russia’s coronavirus outbreak, confirmed 5,049 cases for the first time since the height of the pandemic in mid-May.

St. Petersburg and the Moscow region on Friday confirmed 647 and 448 cases each, respectively.

Russia’s healthcare professionals warn that second wave peaks will be significantly higher than in the first wave and may not subside until mid-to-late November. Authorities say that 90% of Russia’s 176,000 hospital beds are occupied with Covid-19 patients, prompting some hospitals to halt seeing patients with other illnesses.

Around half of Russia’s regions have reinstated various restrictions, with Moscow introducing QR scans for bar and nightclub attendance and banning entrance to the metro for maskless and gloveless passengers, to slow the spread of the infection.

The World Health Organization said Thursday that Europe’s surge in coronavirus infections is of “great concern” but warned against total lockdowns to avoid deeper economic and social consequences.

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