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Subscity – Movies In Original Language


The majority of all international movies showed in Russia are dubbed, but there are some movies in English at different cinemas in Moscow. If you don't speak Russian or if you just prefer to see a movie in its original language, the best source to find them is the website "subscity".

Subscity is a website where you can check for time and cinema locations close to you and even buy your tickets. Even though the site is in Russian, the movie titles are in English and it's easy to navigate. And if you want a full translation of the website you can always use the "instant translation" option in the google chrome browser (for more information on how to implement this super convenient feature, see our blog for newcomers:

If you're not looking for a specific movie but just want to browse around and see their listings, look at the "IMDb-rating". This shows the quality of the movie on a scale of 1-10 and is often a good indication. You can also click on the IMDb link to see the complete review in English.

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