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Russian Priests Outraged Over Vodka Sold in Church-Shaped Bottles

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A Vodka brand that put out a new line of bottles in the shape of an Orthodox chapel has come under fire from church officials in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Believers were “outraged” by the bottle’s design, a representative of the Krasnoyarsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, Andrei Skvortsov, told the local TVK television channel.


“A shrine cannot be used for poisonous substances that destroy the spirit and body of a person,” Skvortsov told the channel.

The chapel bottle is scheduled to be sold as a souvenir during Krasnoyarsk’s Universiade international sporting event, the local Krasnoyarsk News website reported.

The blasphemous bottle is reportedly already on sale at shops in the Siberian city, and costs between 2599 and 4300 rubles ($40-$66) depending on size.

The manufacturer has not yet commented on the controversy.

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