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Siberian Man in Underwear Rides Excavator Bucket in -40 C, Douses Himself in Ice Water


An amateur daredevil dazzled Siberian villagers earlier this month by riding an excavator bucket and dousing himself in ice water at a strongman event in freezing temperatures.

A video that resurfaced on social media this weekend showed two men suspended from the bucket of an excavator – with a woman hanging on to their feet – riding like a merry-go-round as techno beats pump in the background. The video later cut to a man in underwear riding the excavator bucket alone, before being doused with a bucket of ice water after landing.

“The festival was a big success and the Siberian freeze (minus 37 degrees Celsius) had no effect on the mood of the town’s residents,” the Sibzoloto gold company, which published the video, said on its YouTube channel.

It said around 50 strongmen took part in the “Open Winter Siberiade” games, where the stunt took place, on Dec. 8.

“In between the powerlifting (deadlift and benchpress) and armwrestling tournaments, miners from the Mamon [river gold] mine showed their comrades the complementary ‘Shish’s Carousel [stunt],’" Sibzoloto said in a description of the video, saying the stunt was named in honor of the daredevil who performed it, mine overseer Alexander Shish.

“This is dangerous! Do not repeat!” the company added in the video's description.

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