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Some Real Russian Pubs

Beer & Brut

Beer & Brut

If you’re struggling to choose between beer and wine, Beer & Brut has got the answer: Both, and plenty of them. At this elegant manor-house restaurant in the heart of Moscow, visitors can begin their day with a late noon-to-6 p.m. breakfast of cottage cheese in white chocolate with cherry marmalade and a glass of Prosecco, stay for a lunch of crab burgers and Speyside Oak Aged Blond Ale, and come back again for dinner—perhaps a dozen oysters and a Pinot Grigio Corvesso? No matter your drink of choice, Beer & Brut has just the dish to go with it.

26/1 Pokrovka Ulitsa. Metro Kitai-Gorod.

Vse Tvoi Druzya

Created by rappers from the Russian band ILWT, Vse Tvoi Druzya—which translates to All Your Friends—has drawn a loyal following among the intellectuals, oddballs and hipsters of Moscow. The quirky decor and no-reservation policy mirror the pub’s informal vibe: Everyone there’s your friend, so come by and don’t stand on ceremony. With 18 taps of unusual craft beers and ciders, celebrity DJs and a 6 a.m. closing time, Vse Tvoi Druzya has everything you need for a wild night out.

12/27 Maly Gnezdnikovsky Pereulok. Metro Chekhovskaya.


With its down-to-earth spacious interior and simple wooden tables, Varka doesn’t let anything distract from the main event: the impressive food and drinks menus. There are summery fresh lemonades for those who don’t drink, and everything from lemon and ginger Alska cider to Noir coconut session milk stout for those who do. You can chase your drink with one of the pub’s huge original burgers, listen to some quality rock music and enjoy Varka’s lively atmosphere as you watch the next World Cup match.

1/5 Ulitsa Solzhenitsyna. Metro Marxistskaya.

One More Pub

Capturing the warmth and good cheer of a British neighborhood pub, One More Pub lives up to its name as the embodiment of quintessential British drinking customs—albeit with a Moscow twist. With its unassuming homey interior and wide comfy couches, it’s the perfect place to chill out with a pint after a long day or watch a match with your friends. Do try the homemade sausages —they pair wonderfully with the pub’s Russian Konix Crazy Moose APA or the mysterious Adnam’s Ghostship.

5 Butyrsky Val. Metro Belorusskaya.



It doesn’t get much more craft than an on-site brewery, and at 1516 their collection of 50-some bottled beers from seven different countries is supplemented by stout and ale of the establishment’s own making. Take a tour of the brewery to find out more about the history and technology of beer-making, or simply stop by the bar and try one of 1516’s creations: With tropical Session Ale, Imperial Porter and German-style Doppelbok, you’ll have a hard time settling on just one.

4a Abelmanovskaya Ulitsa. Metro Proletarskaya.

										 					Rule Taproom
Rule Taproom

Rule Taproom

Every one of Rule Taproom’s 27 eye-catching taps is handmade and uniquely decorated, and that says everything you need to know about the bar’s attitude to its craft. Always first on the scene when a new ale or beer comes to town, Rule Taproom is meticulously selective and ends up serving only the very best—and that goes for both Russian and international labels. From the warming Imperial Oatmeal Stout to tangy Pumpkin and Yam Beer, the Taproom’s diverse collection surprises every time you visit.

19/7 Starovagankovsky Pereulok. Metro Arbratskaya.

Russky GastroPub

The concept of the gastropub—a place where the kitchen perfectly complements the bar and the setting balances both comfort and aesthetics —is embodied in every particular of the Russky GastroPub, from its tasteful dishes, to the wood-based interior, to the atmospheric background music. The pub doesn’t neglect English traditions, but adapts them to Russian culture, filling a traditional English pie with rich Stroganov meat and adding a layer of salo, the Russian cured pork fat staple, to everyone’s favorite burgers. Visitors can marvel at the variety of excellent beer options from the best Russian breweries, or try one of GastroPub’s well-balanced cocktails, inspired by Russian recipes of old.

10/1 Tverskoi Bulvar. Metro Pushkinskaya.

										 					Butylka, Kruzhka i Kotyol
Butylka, Kruzhka i Kotyol

Butylka, Kruzhka i Kotyol

When you love beer, there’s nothing like seeing it brewed before your own eyes. Butylka, Kruzhka i Kotyol, with its open brew nights and countless craft labels lining the shelves, has brought together a true community of beer enthusiasts looking for new flavors and a chance to geek out about their favorite drink. Settle down to try a Brut I.P.A. or an Hasta Manana, Amigos!, come to a beer-tasting or get some craft to go for 25 percent off the price. Whether you just want a good drink or an in with the Moscow craft scene, Butylka’s the place to be.

48 Pokrovka Ulitsa. Metro Kitai-Gorod.


A mannequin hangs from the ceiling, a birdcage holds a bottle of whiskey and on-tap beer seems to come out of an old Ukraina piano. Moscow’s edgy bar Ptitsa-Sinitsa has long attracted the city’s young and artsy crowd with its quirky vibe and eclectic array of artworks, statuettes, vintage bric-a-brac and—last but not least—the stellar food and alcohol. Gather your friends, settle down on the mismatched chairs and chat with the friendly bartenders as they pour you some killer cherry cider or a mango I.P.A.This is a fine venue to enjoy. 

3/5 Bolshoi Spasoglinishchevsky Pereulok. Metro Kitai-Gorod.

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