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Russia Nosedives in Global Reputation Ranking

Mariano Mantel / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Russia’s standing has taken a major in hit in the eyes of other countries, according to the latest study of the reputations of nations around the world.

The Reputation Institute (RI) consulting firm ranks 55 of the world’s biggest countries based on 58,000 individual ratings evaluating factors that include economic health, safety and governance. Sweden, Finland and Switzerland overcame Canada to be at the top of the 2018 list released on Thursday. 

Russia placed 52nd in the ranking, with low scores in transparency, corruption and effective governance.

The country’s reputational gap suffered among the biggest declines globally, according to the RBC business portal’s analysis.

Wedged between Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, Russia’s reputation was also topped by that of Venezuela, Iran and Iraq. The United States’ reputation placed 34th, followed by India at 35th and China at 45th.

“[C]ountries with the best reputations have not the largest economies, nor the most powerful armies, but they can influence the global community,” one of the study’s authors, Fernando Prado, said.

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