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Russia Curbs Migrant Quotas in 2018

Svetlana Kholyavchuk / Interpress / TASS

The Russian government is limiting the number of foreign nationals and stateless people it will allow into the country by nearly 20,000 next year.

The quota in 2017 was for 110,000 temporary residents, compared to 126,000 in 2016 and 2015.

A government order released Friday set the number of temporary residence permits at 90,360 for next year. The number is based on reports sent by Russia’s regions on the “migration situation and economic conditions.”

The Central Federal District, which includes Moscow, is usually allocated the highest number of permits, with 28,150 to be assigned in 2018.

The Volga Federal District was assigned 15,000 permits, followed by the Siberian Federal District with 13,270 and 10,400 for the Southern Federal District.

The remaining four federal districts were assigned four-digit quotas in 2018.

Another government decree this week introduces a new 4-month visa for migrants seeking to obtain temporary residence permits. Meanwhile, the authority to deport foreign nationals was transferred to the Interior Ministry.

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